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Laura Duggan

In 1980, I began the study and practice of meditation. This commitment supported my life as a parent, computer consultant and later, as a member of the staff for the SYDA Foundation and executive director of Muktabodha Indological Research Institute. Self-inquiry and meditation are the foundation of my life and it is my great joy to share these practices with others. I also offer the following professional services: Personal Coaching, Editing; Ghostwriting; Speakers Coaching. For more information on these, please contact me by Email.

My background includes:

  • Over twenty-eight years of study and practice in Siddha Yoga meditation, and recently Tibetan (H.H. Karmapa, and Anam Thubten), Zen, and Theravadan Buddhist philosophy; currently teaching Eastern philosophy and non-sectarian meditation

  • Skilled facilitator and group leader, with over fifteen years experience in leadership and teacher trainer

  • Extensive international experience, having lived, worked or led workshops in India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, China, Micronesia, Mexico, Kenya, Europe and Latin America.

  • Thirty years as an international computer consultant and educator

  • Writer and editor of non-fiction books; visit Nicasio Press for books.




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