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Boxed in by Time

Have you ever had an experience like this one? I woke this morning completely tightened up with pressure. So much to do and not enough Time. Time had become a solid brick wall, boxing me in with its limitations. I bumped up against it and contracted at the force. Why? Well, I had an appointment at 10:00 am at pick up my cat from the vets. I most certainly wanted to be there on time, as the whole vet experience had been traumatic enough. And in the next hour and a half, prior to 10, I wanted to get two loads of laundry done, go to a friends house to water her plants; get gas; eat breakfast; meditate, work on my web site, and who knows what else. Immediately I knew that some things would have to go. Breakfast, for sure. Meditation... I guess so. Let’s go… get the laundry into the car…

Wait. This feeling of contraction against a solid object was bugging me, because I really believe Time is fluid. So I did the most important thing I could do at that moment: stop everything and sit to meditate.

The first thing that I did was to simply breathe in and breathe out. Hmm, I noticed, there’s certainly enough time to breathe. No brick wall there. Then I began to contemplate, How had Time, which seems to fluid, so like air, so transparent, become so solid? So solid that I was contracting to fit its miniscule size?

Breathing in, Breathing out. What needed to change? I really did want to pick up the cat at 10:00 am. I really could not get all the other things done beforehand. But I wanted to get them done. I had to get them done. Breathing in, Breathing out. What needed to change? Why was Time being so ungenerous with me, poor victim of its ways?

Insight arose after only a few breaths. Time was not contracting against me. I was attached to my agenda, and insisting that it fit into the time that was there. Oh. You mean I could choose to do the laundry another Time? Yup. I could work on the website later? Yup.

Suddenly, I had all the time in the world. I continued my meditation, and relaxed into a sweet space for a half hour. I looked at the clock. I still had another hour of free time! Gosh, I could even sit here longer if I wanted. I could surely eat breakfast. And so I did both. Finally, I went to get the cat, totally relaxed, nourished and able to give the cat all my attention.

Time and Tide do wait for man. The laundry is still waiting for me in the car. It won’t go anywhere without me. But the box called Time had dissolved once again. And this is one of the million reasons why I meditate every day. .

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