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Sweetly Present

It happened twice today.

Sitting on the beach, I sank into the sand, stripped down to a teeshirt, with the sun warming my body and soul, after days of rain. The wind was loud in the trees, drowning out the ocean. There was not a thought in my head. I had pushed aside all duty and just rested. When I sat up, everything was calm…the ocean, the empty sand, even the sea gulls were just sitting and resting. I was filled with divine love, and couldn’t even think of anything that I was missing. Any effort to call someone and include or share was superfluous. I felt filled up.

Again, this evening, sitting on my back porch, this time bundled up in my down coat and hood, sipping wine and eating some snacks, listening to the birds, I watched the sky turn pink. Everything I needed was there. Again, no empty corners remained.

Can I call these, moments of enlightenment? Maybe not. But they do describe the way I want to live my life. Filled to the brim, moment by moment, with nothing pulling me to the future, or tying me to the past. Just sweetly present.



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