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Summer Contentment

Each evening, it happens again,
at just about the same time,
when the sun is setting behind me and
the sky is a clear blue palette before me,
awaiting it’s evening rouge

I sit on the back porch as the birds arrive --
a hummingbird tonight, yesterday a hawk.
The swallows and the smaller birds come out as well.
The big raptors are gone for the evening,
and the raucous crows have already gone to bed,
clearing the air for a tender rendezvous
among the gentler creatures.

The tiny voices sing in the still evening air,
no wind to rustle the trees and drown out their song.
My heart sings along.

How many lifetimes have I waited for this sweet peace,
where nothing needs to be done,
nothing needs to be said
no one needs to witness the world
that is granting me everything my heart could desire…
Tender love and a full heart,
on a warm summer’s evening
alone on a porch by the field.




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