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I spent the afternoon with my beloved today.
Dining at the restaurant, I gazed at her lovingly from afar.
Later I walked alongside her,
stopping from time to time to revel in her company

At last, at my favorite rendezvous spot,
       I lay down next to her, reading a book,
       listening to the sound of her presence
       and looking up at her every now and then
       with a sigh from the fullness of my heart.
Now it’s time to return home, as one must after a rendezvous.
But I no longer think she’ll disappear in my absence--
       I leave confident we will meet like this again and again.

I had the chance to live closer to her,
where I could see her night and day,
      watch the sunrise turn her golden,
      the sunset tint her pink and purple
      and be there as the full moon drapes her in moonbeams
But magic lies in her faithfulness when I’m gone
       and the unpredictability of our meetings

Today it was foggy and cold when I left home,
       yet I arrived to find her garlanded with sunlight
And yesterday I left my sunny home
only to meet her pensively resting in fog.

No, I think I prefer her as a lover not a mate:
       The Ocean, whom I dare to call my dearest friend.




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