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Creating the Life of your Dreams:
An Inside Job

1. Introduction
Does this sound like your story: You have attained many of your goals. You have created a life you thought would bring you the sense of satisfaction you sought. And yet there is a feeling there is something missing, something lacking. Are you truly happy in the midst of your accomplishments?

When all is said and done, your life will be who you have become. Who are you becoming in the current career track you are on? And how do you find the place that evokes the response of your heart?

Perhaps the answer lies in this: rather than only seeking 'work' which matches our skills, we need to expand our search to include the intangibles that open our heart as well.

If you are looking for work to give your heart to, we are here to help you. Our on-line library is a set of tools to help you connect to what your heart and soul are saying, even when you think you are too busy to hear. It's not about dropping out, but dropping in to your own self. We'll show you ways to listen inside and help you find the courage to live the life you have always dreamed of, with the people you love.

Are you ready to begin your journey to finding fulfilling work? As a great teacher once wrote, "You are here to express your own uniqueness, and if you don't do that, the world has lost something precious."

Each essay is written by a professional in their field, and offers you a way to become self-sufficient in your quest for fulfillment. You can follow this series at your own pace, and stop at any time. However, we recommend a schedule with no more than one week between sessions.

So welcome to your own journey to the heart of what you love to do and who you want to be at this time in your life.

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Inside Job Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tapping the Wisdom of the Heart
  3. What Really Needs to Change
  4. Self-Inquiry & Intuition
  5. The Mind in Service of the Heart
  6. Interviewing from the Heart
  7. Working with Your Dreams
  8. Working with a Journal
  9. Including People Closest to You
  10. Building a Support Network
  11. Service as Means to Finding Fulfilling Work

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