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Creating the Life of your Dreams:
An Inside Job

8. Working with a Journal
Keeping a journal is a practice that pre-dates our modern techno- era. Yet its function and benefits have aged well. A journal is a safe place for your thoughts, feelings, inspirations, worries and joys. A journal is not the same thing as a diary of events, which has value for other purposes. We work with the journal to tap the unconscious wisdom of the heart.

The technique for working with a journal is very simple. Here are the steps:

  • Buy your self any notebook that appeals to you. Spiral bound is great as it lays flat.

  • Set aside five minutes each day, preferably at the same time of day. Morning is best. It has been shown that things done in the morning endure over a period of time, whereas if it is done later, inevitably something comes up and it gets skipped.

  • As you begin the journaling session, focus on your desire for a career or lifestyle change. Then begin writing whatever arises. Allow yourself to follow any impulse. It doesn't have to be logical or structured. Just write as if you were talking out loud. The trick is simply to stop thinking and start writing.

  •  When five minutes is up, you can stop, or if you feel there's more, keep going for another five minutes.

  • Don't over do it, because after a while, your mind is going to kick in and take over.

  • When you finish writing, notice if anything came up that surprised you and invites further contemplation or action. Carry that interesting thought with you during the day, and allow it to come to mind when you are walking, sitting quietly, eating, etc.

It is really helpful to journal every day. If you stop for a long period of time, then just start again. When the journal is full, throw it out and start a new one. The contents of the journal are not what is important. The process of accessing your own wishes is what counts. They are written on your heart.


Write in your journal every morning for the next 5 days.

Then continue as a daily practice.


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  8. Working with a Journal
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