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Creating the Life of your Dreams:
An Inside Job

9. Including People Closest to You
Many of us live deeply connected to other people in our lives. For some, it's a spouse or partner. For others, it may be children or parents. Yet others are deeply related to a friend. Whatever the relationship, our actions always have an impact on those closest to us.

When we consider making a change to live from our heart, it is crucial to include our closest relationships in the process. On the one hand, their support will be invaluable as you make changes in your life style. Equally important, bringing them in to your decision early allows them to feel supported by you.

When we begin to make a shift in our lives to lead from the heart, it can easily be misunderstood by our close relationships. Your change may bring up fears, envy, financial concerns. Your intimate relations may see your needs as something that it will pass and not know how to seriously support you. Much pain can be avoided by simply communicating in honesty about your plans. Including others in our planning means being honest with ourselves and others about how interconnected we really are, despite our self-sufficient facades.

Here's some suggestions on how to involve people close to you in your process.

  • Create a space for an uninterrupted conversation with whomever is concerned.

  • Share your insights about what is not working in your current work situation and the direction that you want to move towards. If you don't know the direction, share that uncertainty.

  • Ask the person how this makes them feel. (Note, we are not asking them for their advice at this moment.)

  • Listen attentively to what the person has to say.

  • If they express concerns, deal with them first in dialogue.

  • Then ask them directly for support. For example, "Here's what I need from you. Can I have your support?"

  • Create some agreements that mutually work for both of you.

Repeat this with each person who might be seriously affected by your decision.

No move is worth it if you lose the most precious thing in your life: the love of your dearest people. With a little planning and communication, there is no reason that should happen.

1. Make a list of the people who you think will be affected by your decision.

2. Set a time to talk to each of them.

3. Do this Case Study Exercise


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