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Creating the Life of your Dreams:
An Inside Job

4. Self-Inquiry
Self-inquiry is a term commonly used in the wisdom traditions from the East. In the strictest sense it refers to a process of discovering our true spiritual nature through a constant inquiry into "Who am I?", allowing us to go beyond superficial answers. In contemporary psychology, we refer to self-inquiry as the process of asking ourselves questions that can produce a deeper understanding of ourself.

For example, we might use self-inquiry to discover what creates a safe environment for our heart. Take a minute now and consider what it means to feel emotionally  'safe'. Mentally describe a situation where you feel safe. Now, mentally imagine a situation where you don't feel safe. What is the difference? Some of the things you might consider in these two situations are your tolerance for criticism, discord or dishonesty. From the two brief contemplations you just did, you might jot down the values that create safety and trust in your heart.

Intuition is another tool for accessing the wisdom of the heart. It's that 'gut reaction' that seems to bypass our rational thinking. You suddenly decide to walk home a different way, only to meet an old friend. Or you decide to stay home from an event for no reason, and your son who lives overseas unexpectedly calls. We all have intuitive wisdom; however, some people have cultivated the ability to listen and act on it. More often, we hear the first, intuitive thought, then immediately negate it with a second thought. Your intuition is a great ally on your job search. Learn to listen to it. "First thought, best thought" can be your motto.

1. Use self-inquiry to examine your hopes and wishes. Ask yourself this question: what would you truly want to be doing if money and time had no part in your decision? Allow this question to shed light on your heart's desires.

2. Pay attention this week to your intuition as you interact with different people. What is it that makes you feel expanded? What is it that makes you feel small? What situations create a sense of safety? Which ones make you feel threatened? Make some notes for yourself.


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Inside Job Course :

  1. Introduction
  2. Tapping the Wisdom of the Heart
  3. What Really Needs to Change
  4. Self-Inquiry & Intuition
  5. The Mind in Service of the Heart
  6. Interviewing from the Heart
  7. Working with Your Dreams
  8. Working with a Journal
  9. Including People Closest to You
  10. Building a Support Network
  11. Service as Means to Finding Fulfilling Work

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