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Creating the Life of your Dreams:
An Inside Job

2. Tapping the Wisdom of the Heart
One quick look at the leading job matching web sites tells you all you need to know about what the search world is currently like. To match yourself with a job, you can put in job title, keywords like nurse, library, etc, and location. Certainly that is one way to go about it. mentally categorizing tasks and matching people with jobs.

But, aren't we more that our job title and skills? As any dissatisfied executive can tell you, there is more to us than we seem to be able to bring to our work. Sadly, we've had to compartmentalize ourselves, saying, "this part is for working and earning money" and "this other part can express itself in my life, if there is time left over." What does this look like? Take a friend of mine, who is highly skilled as a professional speaker and teacher. He does it well, works really hard non-stop, serious, committed. But ask him about Hawaii, and suddenly, his face looks fifteen years younger, his body relaxes and his voice resonates with love as he talks about the ocean and life there. Yet all he can manage is two weeks a year, at best, to be with what he loves the most-the land, the ocean, the people. Is it any wonder that from time to time, he experiences serious back pains, or undiagnosible shoulder pains?

If you are one of those people who feel there is more of you than meets the eye, but not of it is welcome in your current career, the first task in your search from the heart is to acknowledge this truth. Becoming aware of something has amazing power. It releases the energy that is tied up in denying or suppressing what the heart already knows.

For this first week, simply notice when a thought comes up that starts with "If only." or, "I wish." or perhaps a feeling of sadness or dejection. Underneath almost all sadness or dejection is a part of your being that is crying out to be noticed. See if you can just notice the sadness and pay attention to any thoughts that come up around it.


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Inside Job Course :

  1. Introduction
  2. Tapping the Wisdom of the Heart
  3. What Really Needs to Change
  4. Self-Inquiry & Intuition
  5. The Mind in Service of the Heart
  6. Interviewing from the Heart
  7. Working with Your Dreams
  8. Working with a Journal
  9. Including People Closest to You
  10. Building a Support Network
  11. Service as Means to Finding Fulfilling Work

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