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Creating the Life of your Dreams:
An Inside Job

7. Working with Your Dreams
We all have access to a greater wisdom than our mind can provide. This access comes in different ways for each of us.  Sometimes a conversation with a friend triggers the insight we need. Sometimes writing in a journal allows our mind to settle and our deeper wisdom to emerge.

For many people, dreams provide direct access to our own greatest advisor. Particularly for those of us with strong rational minds, our dream time is a way for the wisdom to circumvent that doubting or critical part of us, and allow the truth to be seen.

There are many systems and ways of working with dreams, but they all have one common requirement: you must dream remember your dreams. It is known scientifically that we all do dream; however, we need to cultivate the practice of remembering them.

Here are some simple steps for working with dreams:

1.  One simple way to get your dreams to surface is to sleep with a pad and pen right next to your bed. As you go to sleep, tell yourself you are willing to wake up and write the dream down. These signals let your unconscious system know that if a dream comes you will take that action. Then, just go to sleep.

2.  When you wake with the vague image of a dream, don't move, don't think. Just lie there and allow the images to float in your mind. See you if you watch the dream again while just slightly awake, like watching a movie.

3. Now grab your pen and just write everything you remember, without commentary. Write it in the present tense.

4. Finally, write down how your feel as you recall the dream. are you feeling happy, scared? What emotions are there.

5. The last step is to engage the rational mind and see if there are any interesting things you can learn from the dream. Allow yourself to imagine that everyone in the dream is really you. What are you saying to you? What are you doing? And what significance does it hold?

Each night this week, go to sleep with a pad and pen next to your bed.

When you wake, lie still and let your mind review any dream images.

Write them down.

Take time during the week to type your dreams into a computer, and see if you can find meaning in the dreams that support your search for meaningful work.

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