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Who Am I? Exploring Vedanta

Course Introduction

The most fundamental question we can ask ourselves is: "Who Am I?." When we are ready to go beyond the superficial answers, "I am so and so, I am a woman, I am a man, I am this or that...", then we are ready to really begin the practice of Self-Inquiry.

Thousands of years ago in India, a collection of oral texts formed the basis of a systematic approach to this type of self-inquiry. The philosophy is known as Vedanta. In this first course (of a series), you will learn:

- the origins of Vedanta

- the unique characteristics of non-dual (Advaita Vedanta)

- the practices that Advaita Vedanta offers

- the relevance of Vedanta to your daily life

May this study lead you to attain the highest goal of human existence, the recognition of your own supremely free and pure nature.

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Who am I? Exploring Vedanta


My personal experience

Origins and Definitions

Teachings of Vedanta

Path of Vedanta

Practice of Discrimination

Results of the Practice

Devotion and Grace

Recommended Reading

This course is made available to everyone. However, the suggested donation to support this effort is $15. Prior to beginning the course, please consider making a donation.