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Meditation on Neti Neti

With this exercise, use your mind to really engage in an inquiry. You don’t need to come with an answer to “Who am I?” but be fully engaged in the investigation.

Become aware of your body. As you scan your body, name the part and recognize you are not that. This is my arm, I am not my arm. Who am I? This is my head. I am not my head. This is my ankle, I am not my ankle. Who am I?

Watch your thoughts. And tell yourself, “I am not my thoughts. Who am I? ”

Think of your role, And tell yourself, “I am not that role. Who am I?”

Go through yourself in great detail, and whatever you might think might be you, bring it up in your mind, and then negate it.  In between, just sit quietly, until another identification arise. Negate that. Continue to sit and watch what happens.

(Allow yourself to try this for a few moments before continuing to read.)

         Chidananda rupaha Shivo Ham, Shivo Ham

       I am consciousness and Bliss. I am Shiva.